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Ubergreen Microfiber: The Busy Mom's Ultimate Cleaning Tool

Busy moms have a never-ending list of responsibilities to attend to. Job, laundry, dinner, shopping, sports, homework, etc etc etc...oh, and cleaning.  

Let's face it - cleaning just doesn't get the priority it should. Who doesn't love a sparkly clean kitchen? A bathroom that looks like it was just scrubbed from top to bottom?  Mirrors without a spot, windows without a streak...everybody loves this! And yet, very few of us have the time or bandwidth (or the desire!) to spend a few hours each week scrubbing stuff. 

Most of us are busy.  We have lives and responsibilities.  Cleaning just doesn't make the cut of "must-do's" most of the time.

But there are tools that allow you to get results without the mental and time commitments.   Tools like the Ubergreen Microfiber cleaning cloth.

Consider that:

- It gives you an incredible, spotless cleaning experience with only water. No need to make a big deal about "getting ready to clean", no need to break out a bin full of cleaning products. Just grab a cloth, wet it, clean, and be done.

- It is embedded with silver.  Silver is known for its antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and general antinasty properties.  

- It lasts for hundreds of washes.  You save money on cleaning gear.  You save space storing said cleaning gear. You safe lives by not exposing your family to said cleaning gear (the chemicals and such).

If you're great at disciplining yourself to wash your counters, windows, bathrooms, and dust each week, awesome! For the rest of us, we need a solution that works quickly, is available easily, and doesn't take a bunch of prep to make happen. We don't need one more to-do list item, we just need a clean house.  The Ubergreen Microfiber cleaning cloth is just such a tool.  And did I mention they're darn affordable?  Yes. Darn affordable.  Grab yourself a 4-pack now and give them a try, me thinks you'll love.