Frequently Asked Questions - Ubergreen Microfiber

Q:  How do you clean the cloths?

A:  After normal use, rinse the cloth with hot water, washing out everything you caught in your Ubergreen cloth.

Between uses, rinse + wring out the cloth thoroughly, and hang to air dry.

Machine wash up to 140°F, using a little detergent.

Tumble dry or hang the cloths to dry.

Do not use Fabric softener or dryer sheets - avoid them while cleaning and washing.

If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by mistake, rewash the product immediately.

If cloth performance is reduced or if cloth develops an odor, machine wash on high heat.

If the cloth takes on a greasy feel, boil it for 5 minutes, then follow the regular wash instructions.



Q:  Will the fibers scratch or damage any of the surfaces in my home?

A:  No, the fibers are soft, and perfectly safe on all surfaces.


Q: Is there real silver in your fibers?

A: Yes, we utilize a very unique process to weave silver threads in with our microfiber.  The image below illustrates this process:

silver microfiber


Q: What are the specifications for your silver threads?

A: Diameter: 30㎛, Denier: 8.7 Denier (External View), 70 Denier (Real), Electrical Resistivity: 105~108(%IACS), Thermal Conductivity: 360 kcal/℃, Resistance: 23 Ω/m, 78 dTex(0.0078 g/m) .


Q:  What are the specifications for your microfiber?

A:  0.5~0.6 denier (the unit for measuring fineness of fabric - for context, a strand of cotton has a rating of 200. A human hair has a denier of 20 and a strand of silk has a denier of 8).


Q: What is the size of the cloths?

A: Our cloths measure 13.8 in X 13.8 in square.